M103, Management 103 Co.,Ltd. Established in early 1994 as a new affiliate of Design 103 Ltd., originated from the latter’s in-house Engineering & Construction Supervision Department. As such, the firm, although newly named, is staffed by experienced professionals and engineers highly capable of providing project management, construction management, inspection & supervision, and construction site visit services.

More than 20 years of experience in the construction of both high and low rise buildings of various types (office buildings, retail buildings, residences, condominiums, hotels, research & development centers, institutional projects, industrial plants, hospitals, etc.) no doubt vouch for the firm’s capabilities. Completely geared for construction management for a wide range of projects regardless of their complexity and size, Management 103 Co., Ltd. is determined to develop unceasingly to be at the front of the construction business.

Working with professional integrity is the firm’s principal philosophy, aiming at benefiting the clients in three main aspects: firstly, the work must have professional quality and standards; secondly, the construction must be handed over to the owner on schedule; thirdly, the construction  budget must be well-managed without incurring unnecessary expenses to the clients.  All these principles are applied to each and every project awarded to the firm.

With its determination to accomplish the above principles, Management 103 Co., Ltd. emphasizes personnel development as an essential tool.  Constant training courses help keep its staff abreast of the latest in construction technology, professional knowledge and skills, and efficiency in management techniques.  In doing so, the firm regards each staff member as a valuable source of know-how, which is the fundamental essence of capable team work which contributes to the ultimate success of each project without neglecting the benefit to the society as a whole.

With this wide scope of services, the clients can determine which of the following items would specifically fulfill their requirements at each construction stage.

1. Project Construction Management
This scope of service is rendered from the inception of the project up to the project completion; that is, consulting services for the pre-construction, during construction and post construction periods.

2. Construction Management
Whereas the client has already entrusted a design team for design management & coordination work, and most of the pre-construction activities have been assigned to this design team, Management 103 has the pleasure to render continual services starting from prequalifications of contractors & bidding, supervision during the construction up to services after the construction is completed.

3. Construction Inspection & Supervision
In case in which the client has assigned other work teams to monitor and coordinate the design work, including all management work for the pre-construction up to the bidding, then Management 103 can provide inspection and supervision services from the construction start until its completion. Post construction services still will still be rendered.

4. Construction Site Visit
For those joint venture companies who may need to check their project’s progress periodically or for those running the projects that may occasionally require comments from construction experts, Management 103 will appoint skillful personnel to pay official visits on the construction site and provide parties concerned with comments or useful suggestions on the work inspected. A detailed written report on such inspection will be subsequently submitted to the client.

Management 103 Company Limited

Project Management Consultant/ Construction Management/ Construction Supervision Current Employees: 107 Years of Establishment: 22

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